What Exactly Are We Afraid Of?

My father used to call it "the stark reality of things". I have always considered it something to be amused about...

Racism is one of those things that noone actually wants to talk about but lots of people spend a great deal of time talking around. In this era of political correctness, where we want to call a spade a spade but don't want others to say shame on you for acknowledging the spade in the room, I have found it frustrating having a conversation about the current political campaign.

Here we are, for the first time in the history of the United States of America, with what is an almost perfect blending of race, creed, color and gender in our presidental campaign: and the media is being polite.

I've taken to watching CNN lately, mainly because I can stomach it better than oh say, FOXNEWS or MSNBC... I've also gone out of my way to listen to NPR, who, some say, is very liberal...but, I don't see it that way... all the media outlets, be they television or radio, or even print, have been walking on eggs...

Is this race about a black man running against a white woman? or white men versus black men? or women against men? or rich against poor? or educated versus uneducated?

Have we become so polarized in our thinking of OURSELVES that we are making choices at the polls based on who we THINK we are and how the various candidates can relate to US... as opposed to recognizing that, to be truthful, none of the candidates are in a position to clean up the mess that is being left to them?

I have been very torn about this campaign. I am a registered independent. Have been for a while. So, I have this nasty tendency to check everyone out and then ask what camp they live in.

I am pleased as punch to see a woman running for the highest office in the land. Its about damned time ...geez... I know the struggle of womanhood; I can imagine how difficult it has been for Ms. Clinton to become who she is now. I wonder what she had to give up to get there.... I know, for me to be where I am, such as it is in the eyes of others, I did give up a great deal.

I am also prouder than a peacock about an african american running for the office. I have had to remind people that this isn't the first time or even the second time that this has happened. Folk tend to forget Ms. Chisholm back in the 70s.... the double burden of being black and female fell upon her. For Mr. Obama, the burden of simply being black seems to keep getting in the way. The fact that he's man just happens to freak out a few folk...but that's ok.

I have a warm spot also for the war veteran, oddly enough. My father was a veteran of the Korean War, and made sure we respected what men and women who fight for our freedoms have endured. Mr. McCain brings this sense of patriotism to the table that can not be ignored, yet, there are some who wonder if that's enough to get the job done.

What exactly are we afraid of when we consider these people. As of the writing of this post, Ms. Clinton has "suspended" her campaign, whatever that means...(there is commentary to be had concerning her behavior that will be discussed in a later post)...and Mr. Obama is the unofficial Democratic candidate. Mr. McCain is ready to start the battle with full force. Yet, we hesitate when we discuss it all.

Some say, women voted for Hillary because she was a woman.
Some say blacks voted for Barack because he was black.
Some say white men voted for John because he's a white man.

Did anyone vote for any of these people because of what they say they want to bring to the table? Does what is needed at the table even an issue.

Yes, health care is important.
Yes, the ending of our involvement in the conflicts in Afganistan and Iraq are important.
Yes, safety here in the States is an issue.
Yes, our relationships with other countries is a matter of concern.
Yes, the economic is something that someone needs to consider...NOW...

But we aren't discussing these things, are we?

The color of skin and whether the candidates have penises or vaginas and who can hold it together when people start talking stupid and whether or not their pastor is a nutcase or if they even have a pastor and what the spousal unit did twenty years ago that is now an embarassment is all we have time for. WHY?

Who decided we should give a damn about the dumb stuff?
Why don't we use our brains for their intended purposes?

What are you afraid of, really? tell me.