Several years ago, a friend and I were sitting in a staff meeting trying desperatedly to pay attention to the topic du jour when we started scribbling notes to each other on a piece of paper.  The dialogue went something like this:

me: I need a new journal.  Where did you get yours?
her: Barnes and Nobles has nice ones.  What you gonna use it for?  Start the novel yet?
me: Novel: ha... I haven't started it, the opening line is stuck in my head tho. I suppose I can get the new journal and put it there.
her: What will you call this journal
(I name all my journals... shut up, you do too, quit frontin')
me: for some reason, the word synergistic keeps popping into my head.
and things kinda deteriorated from there as far as paying attention to the meeting was concerned....

I got the new journal and soon filled it with all sorts of junk that was stuck in my head.  However, the word synergistic wouldn't come out.  Oh yeah, the first draft of the novel is on my flash drive, two different hard drives and in a really nice binder, purchased at Barnes and Nobles.

The day I discovered I could bore the hell outta people on the internet with my random thoughts, I knew how to get that word out of my head.  Thus, "The Synergistic Pen" was born. Basically, what happens here is, I comment on things from what I believe is a "different" perspective. 
This continues to be a work in progress, naturally, as my very fertile, sometimes demented, usually ill conceived thoughts shift and change with the wind.  Very fluid am I, yes. (sorry, Yoda on the tube...) 

That's how this blog began.  How I, the author, owner and prisoner of this blog came to need to write it is a story that, if you read some of the old stuff,  is twisted, in a lovely, eccentric sort of way.  The topics are spiritual, political, cultural, historical and sometimes undecepherable (is that a word?)

Me: I'm an almost empty nest mother, happily married wife, estranged daughter/sister (this week), middle school science teacher, voracious learner, closet tree hugger, loyal friend, r&b/jazz/classical music affecianodo, frustrated jewelry designer, confused entrepenuer, observant political pundit of no particular importance,  and giddy lunatic, not necessarily in that order. 

I have independent political views, slightly tinged with some socialism and a dash of anarchy (for real doe!). I have children with lofty goals that keep them breathless, I read more than Essence, Black Enterprise and the Wall Street Journal (who am I kidding, I haven't read ANY of that junk in ages).  I own 7 translations of the bible and am working on getting #8 (in aramaic no less). I fight against groupthink, biblebabble, and nospeakybeforethinky disease.  I would be very disappointed if the FBI and Homeland Security don't have files on me. (tax dollars at work people...come on!) On average, I piss off at least one human being per day. I am certifiable, if you can prove it. 

Hope you like my blog.  If not, that's cool, sometimes I don't like it either.  Isn't that special of me?