An associate of mine gave me this link and video clip on a topic I thought you all might find interesting.

for more information on this documentary, visit their website here.

I'm empathetic. I'm a bit shocked. I'm probably even sad. I'm definitely sick of folk saying RIP. Stop it... damn.

I watched Michael Jackson and his brothers most afternoons one year as they rehearsed in the multipurpose room at Garnett Elementary School in Gary. I was 8 years old. My mother taught 1st grade there. I wondered who these dancing fools were.

This was just before the big "discovery" of the J5. They were just some local boys who won talent contests and could dance. Again, I was 8, I wasn't impressed.

Over the years, it was bothersome to say, yeah, I'm from Gary, no, I don't know Michael every time people found out where I was from. I'd say stuff like, you DO know Alex Karras and Deneice Williams are from G.I. too, right? That always resulted in blank looks that melted into "this heffa is crazy" smiles.

It wasn't that I was ashamed of Michael, I, like most locals, tried to keep them for ourselves, even when we knew we couldn't. So, as Julianna Renzik (or whatever her name is) interrupted the dumb show I was pretending to watch on E! the other day, made her announcement, I felt suddenly very alone. Michael was gone and wouldn't be showing up unannounced like his brothers did a few weeks ago... just cus they wanted to visit an uncle. I wouldn't have to roll my eyes and sigh as I said for the umpteenth time, no I didn't go to school with Michael. I would (unfortunately) have to listen to Bad every hour on the hour ... but that's ok.

Dead celebrities and their totally disloyal fans make me itch. Geez... I just ain't feeling all the tears and total sadness, and analysis of his life and career and social ineptness. Most of yall didn't even know he wasn't living in the country, geez, quit pretending you're upset!

I don't care. Does that make me a bad person? (please say yes).

Yeah, I was too close to the action, sitting in the multipurpose room at Garnett, watching this little boy and his brothers spin and dance and sing. It was never that big a deal to me. It was just the Jackson brothers from G.I. They did good.

*sigh* damn.

Dear Governor Sanford:

It has come to my attention that you used poor judgement lately. I'm not sure what exactly was on your mind and why you thought you were getting away with, but I must say, I am disappointed.

Not only have you disgraced yourself in the face of your family and constituency, but also before the eyes of God.

Aren't you one of the guys about 16 years back that INSISTED that President Clinton should resign because of his trist with Monica? Dang man, at least Wild Bill stayed at work! Why did you leave the country dude? Wouldn't it have been easier to send for her? Is she that fabulous? Will she let you live with her now (cus I hope ole girl has sense enough to change the locks on the door)

What were you thinking? At the end of the day, its just sex. You can get that on just about any corner in America. Was it her conversation? her fake picture? the voice on the phone? Tell me please, so I can go out and twist up some man's head right quick!

No, seriously, I weep for you in this situation. You really got caught up and now, probably actually believe everyone will say, poor man, woo woo woo. NOT. As I discussed this with someone this morning, it was noted how you have always made a point of making sure everyone knows how great a Christian you are and how your "Christian Values" are the cornerstone of who you are as a man and a politician. The thing about being a child of God, though, dude is this: you don't even "get" what being a child of God is until you've suffered a bit...

wait, you're suffering now, I think you "get it" now, huh?

I want to thank you, as a fellow child of God for putting the wrong message out there in the universe, pushing more people away from Christ and the faith and forcing me to now spend at least the next 2 weeks listening to atheists, agnostics and free thinkers on the way out there tip, use YOU as the example of why Christianity sucks.

I hope things get better for you. I hope you really do "get it" now. I hope your wife is more forgiving than I'd probably be. I hope you can find a job, cus, damn dude, you gonna lose this one.

Have a scrumdillious day Governor Sanford, for real doe...

This business in Iran is bothering me. In fact, all this business in the "middle east" has been bothering me for a while now. I tend to see the world through historically tinted glasses, a bit foggy, I will admit. Even with this truism about myself, I must say, there's something very toxic brewing here.

If you click on the title of this post, you will find yourself at a very interesting article in by Michael Lind. Basically, Mr.Lind argues against theocratic governments and how Iran is attempting to hide a theocracy behind the current "free" elections.

There's nothing "free" about a theocracy, ladies and gentlemen. In a theocracy, clergy interpret and decide what is "right and wrong", "good and bad", "acceptable and unacceptable" in the society. They even define what/who "God" is and whether God is the God of all or just those who agree with them.

From a purely spiritual point of view, every person has the right to choose their path in life, not have it defined for them and then subjected to scrutiny 24/7. At least, that's what I believe based on my spiritual education. Naturally, there should be some rules, some guidelines so keep order in the world, however, to apply religious dogma to the daily functioning of government has never worked. Just ask the Jews.

God promised the Israelites the land of Canaan if they simply obeyed him. They did for a while, then, seeing the other nations function under kings and judges and religious leadership, they wanted what others had. Becoming disobedient, they set up a government that resulted in corruption of the laws of Moses. That particular theocracy/nation has never been quite the same, has it?

In our country, we have the right to worship as we please, the right to speak our mind concerning what the government does or doesn't do, and all sorts of other rights. The government attempts to remain secular, although, naturally, depending on the fervor (real or imagined) of whoever is in charge at any given time, we find ourselves being "corralled" with religious undertones attached to it all.

Natural rights, as Mr. Lind calls them, belong to everyone. To control how another human being functions in the world under the guise of "I'm doing this for your own good" only leads to rebellion. Sort of like what's happening in Iran right now.

Yet, the clergy/government seems shocked and confused by it all. Did they really believe everyone would just say, ok, we accept your (our) choice.

I think our founding fathers got it pretty much on point... even if we do battle it out daily about what we should and shouldn't be allowed to do, whether the government should interfere in our rights to do things, etc. and all the other stuff people don't really think about until a law is passed and they don't like what its about.

Oh well.... nations under God... gotta love them.

note: this random thought is all in fun. No good friends or other lifeforms were injured or insulted in the writing of this article. If they were... tough...

e⋅lit⋅ism  /ɪˈlitɪzəm, eɪˈli-/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [i-lee-tiz-uhm, ey-lee-] Show IPA
Use elitist in a Sentence
–noun 1. practice of or belief in rule by an elite.
2. consciousness of or pride in belonging to a select or favored group.

I have a friend: lovely person, intelligent, smart, articulate, worldly, a great person to bounce ideas of off...

He's lived an interesting life, done some interesting things, and has been some interesting places.... and he has opinions about the world around him based on his life experience.... which is a beautiful thing....

Understand me now, dude is from the hood, we grew up in the same town, experienced similar things in our childhoods and can relate to alot of the same stuff...have similar educational backgrounds, made parallel life choices that have put us in the places we are today...

difference between me and him? I KNOW I have elitist tendencies. He's in deep denial.

Yes, I love my people... but dammit... I will talk about a hoodrat in a new york city minute... so will he. But according to him, that's not looking down on a person...its just.. "pointing out their 'faults'".

This isn't really a problem for me, again, I know I'm an ass... I just enjoy telling him and laughing at him as he denies it all.

Dammit, B.... you're an elitist, its ok... someone has to be!

Someone has to set a high water mark and then look back down into the abyss and say, "pull your ass outta there now!" why not us?

Why is it so difficult for black folk to recognize that, yes, we have classism in our culture. Afterall, there's always someone happy to tell me I'm "acting white"... when I use a word with more than 3 syllables in it, right? Why is it ok for "them" to think so little of themselves...but for "us" to not think so highly of ourselves...?

What's wrong with being black, have more than one college degree, good credit, at least one nice suit, options in the career arena and a fat financial portfolio? Why can't I start a business based on my creative talents and be successful? Why can't a person get a passport and go somewhere other than the Caribbean? Damn, people, there's a big world out there!

Why is having a Lexus parked in front of Section 8 housing considered the best thing a black person can do? Why is wanting to work for the city the most wonderful thing a person can do?

I mean, seriously, there are actually black folk in this country who didn't vote for Barack Obama for president, not because he was unqualified, but because he was an "uppity negro" and not even a full breed negro at that... what the hell?

Ladies and gents... if you are an elitist... embrace your classism, rise above the fear of being called "white" or a "sell out" or an "uppity negro", simply because you like to listen to NPR or own a few books and use your computer for things other than downloading rap music and porn. wait... I just had a moment, didn't I? sorry. ha

Be the best elitist you can be! Be the role model for a generation of people who truly believe its the height of the social ladder to be the local drug dealer or pimp! Hold you head high and act like the educated thug/fool/bitch/slut/whatever... you are...

I don't care what Michael Dyson said... Bill Cosby was right... and he's a great elitist, dammit.

Fraser, king of elitists, would be so proud of you... right?

I truly thought it was my imagination
as I stared out at the precipitation...

damn, its raining again, why?

Warnings and watches, lightening and thunder...
this weather sometimes really makes a body ... wonder

when will summer come?

With wild anticipation and anxious joy
I glance at the new swim suit like its a brand new toy

will I ever get to the beach?

Oh summer, oh summer! The greatest of seasons
the one I love for so many reasons...

where the hell are you?

Yesterday it was 69 degrees today 90 degrees...
Manic depression in climatology is so 21st century...

can you medicate for that?

Sweet summer, blessed summer! Finally you've arrived...
I'm off to the festivals, parties and hope I survive!

dang its hot, when will fall be here?

I love you sweet summer, most warm time of year
Time to visit loved ones far and near...

let me stop now, its tan time!


My husband and I had breakfast at 6am this morning at a Cracker Barrel about 90 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky. This is important to know as the place wasn't open when we first pulled up, we were 2 of only 7 customers in the joint and it was quiet.... anomalies in the Cracker Barrel universe. That's for people who insist Cracker Barrel never closes and always has at least 5 buses parked in the lot.

Anywho, our server, a lovely young lady who informed us that her name was Melinda, bounced over to our table, asked if we wanted anything to drink and told us what the specials were. We gave her all the necessary information and smiled at the thought of it all.

Ok, I'll give you a few minutes to look at the menu and I'll be back with your drinks in a moment. Absolutely!

I looked up from my attempt at the peg game (I WILL get one peg, I WILL! I WILL!) and smiled at her enthusiasm. She returned a few moments later with hot tea and ice water and took our orders. She ended her review of our discussion thusly:

Ok, let me get this in for you. Do you need anything in the meantime?

No, thank you.


Now, if you know ME... you know I am a student of human behavior, and I had a live one here. Hubby glanced and me and kicked me just as I opened my mouth. Oh, I'll leave it alone. As she walked away, I whispered:

But, she's ... interesting. So... robotic. Please daddy, let me play with her!

No. Behave.


We sat talking about how much fun we were about to have practicing our empty nest skills fot the next 6 weeks (the chilluns are in Florida working like hebrew slaves sans straw, as it should be) when Melinda returned with our meals.

May I have some hot sauce please? (I regretted asking as soon as I said it)


(huge grin from me)

She came back with the hot sauce, all smiley faced and happy to serve us when she glanced out the window and jumped. A bus was pulling into the lot. She acted like it was Christmas and Jesus was waving at her.

A bus in the lot! A bus in the lot everyone!

She ran off to the back to tell whoever was back there her happy news.

She got busy after that, as the bus was full of people and all. At every single table she worked, she happily ended every discussion with ABSOLUTELY!

I wasn't the only one that noticed. I know just enough spanish to laugh at the comment the nice grandmother made 2 tables over and recognized the body language at the table next to me (eye roll gave it away).

She eventually returned to us, check in hand.

Can I get you nice people anything else?

No, we're good, thanks.


I smiled, hubby gave me that "don't do it" look and we left the dining room.

At the register as my husband pulled out money to pay for the check, the cashier asked if we enjoyed our meal....

We responded in unison:


I Promised Myself

Ok, I know, I haven't been here in ages... I've been busy... really busy... but, as of Monday the 22nd, I'll have so much time on my hands I might just accomplish a few things... with that said... consider this:

I promised myself when I started this blog that it would be used to post up all my random thought, so I'd be able to find them if I needed them in the future. You see, there's a history of dementia in my mother's family, and it appears we all simply lose our minds eventually. Its important that my words remain "out there somewhere"... as I've determined that they are special and someone needs to read them....

With that said, I did something really special today. After months of "finding myself" and making "proclamations" about what I have determined is my focus and purpose, at least temporarily, in life... I bought the domain for this site.

I just pulled out my credit card and bought the damned thing. Just like that. It was liberating... seeing how I AM The Synergistic Pen... I should OWN the name. So be it...

I also linked this mess of mine to my blackberry, so watch out... I'll be writing and taking pictures and video while running loose in the universe... you have been warned....

let the writing, considering, discussing, observing, commenting on, questioning, laughing at, crying about, and all that jazz... continue... in earnest!!!!