OK, and?

I drove down to florida a week ago... I was feeling a bit, well, retarded. But I'm better now. I like driving at night, when the traffic is light and I can take advantage of the air stream dispersal from semi tractor trailers. So, I missed some billboards of interest as I passed through Kentucky.

I didn't miss them on the way back. The first one was simple enough:


and all I could think was....ok, and?

so I thought about it for a few minutes, and considered the "reality" of Jesus being real and what that meant to me and I was good to go on the matter.

About 20 miles up the road, another sign:


ok, and? I was a bit irritated now, as I, personally didn't feel obliged to have what would be essentially the same conversation with myself concerning Jesus. So, I considered God instead. I was ok when I finished that contemplation; I have this really cool relationship with God that keeps me very focused and on task as far as my life journey is concerned.

Content and humming a little tune as I continued up the highway, yet another sign appeared:


Yippie! Now this was something to get excited about. Then I thought about all the conversations I've had with people who want to try to consider WHEN and WHERE Jesus would come back. I thought about the nutcases who say he'll show up in a spaceship, and the dear little religious neophytes who insist they aren't worthy of having Jesus in their presence. I started to chuckle a little, waking up my aunt sitting in the passenger seat next to me.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, I was just thinking about how great God is and how much I love him and what is feels like to know that because I've accepted the teachings of his son as my own, how content my life has become."

I smiled at her and she smiled back, shifted in her seat and said sleeplily...

"ok, and?"....

I smiled, and drove on north thinking about that "and"...

amen and amen for that... huh?