If you click on the title of this post, you will be directed to something I found interesting. It reminded me of when I was a kid, living in a quiet neighborhood full of families, you know, 2 parents, at least 1 income, car on the driveway, flower box at the window.

Its a picture of Barak Obama riding a bike. Although they aren't shown in the picture, apparently he's with his two daughters. The man, who is now the Democratic nominee for President of the United States, is tooling around the quiet neighborhood he lives in with his daughters. He is enjoying being "daddy" for a minute. My daddy loved being "daddy".

The comments on the blog I found this picture on are...odd, to say the least. As I commented on the blog, it seems every 4 years, someone decides to mention family values and the breakdown of the family unit, and here, on a bike, with a helmet on, is a man, a powerful man, doing the family thing.

And all most people have to say about it is... "he looks like a dork".

I read some of the comments twice, three times even. I didn't get it. This man, who just spent an entire year being everything BUT a father, fighting and scratching to become what he wants to become... spends the afternoon out with his daughters, doing NORMAL stuff...and people think he's a dork.

Well hooray for the dorks. There should be more dorks, and geeks and nerds in this world...out riding bikes with their daughters. Perhaps, they'd be more inclined to get excited if he were out cheating on his wife or somewhere developing a game plan to smear McCain. That's the american way, yanno.

Wow, let's see...Saturday...

I was stuck in my basement cus a few tornados came through. I was on the phone with my sisters, who were supposed to be on their way up to help clean out our our mom's house so we can have it listed for sale, rescheduling their trip, my husband and son went on a job hunting spree (for the boy, not the hubby)... and, my daughter and I, before the storms came through, washed a few walls down, cus they were just filthy.

oh yeah, I fed the cat.

Dorky,family stuff...
isn't that what people with families do on Saturdays? Isn't that NORMAL?

The fascination with the Obama family and thier "normal" behavior apparently gives people reason to pause. I wonder if its a "black" thing... afterall, we're not "family oriented"... we hang out on corners selling drugs and our children are hoodlums and our men are either in prison or dead... so the concept of a black family that kinda acts like the Huxtables (which everyone knows was FANTASY) has people interested.

Maybe its not a "black" thing. Maybe its simply shocking for people to see politicians act like people and not robots. You know... spouses standing on a stage smiling and TOUCHING each other, stuff like that.

I really need to take a few psychology classes; I need to be able to use the correct language as I speak of the odd behavior of people this election year...

Its like they've never seen a family before....