Two things...

thing 1:

I just read Queen Latifah's comments on social media (thank you Afrobella) and it got me to thinking about participating in life instead of examining life.  I looked over a few of my old posts and have determined that I do try to participate, observe, enjoy what's out there and not just acknowledge it and be able to say "I knew that" or "google that".  That's what life used to be about, the enjoyment... not the information gained from it.  A whole new generation of people simply know stuff, but have no idea how to enjoy any of it... this is sad, very sad.

thing 2:

(Now, here's an example of not participating in life for ya...)

Ok, I'm upset. Apparently "mah people" wanna cry foul AGAIN... instead of taking responsiblity for actions.  Short synopsis for you:

Some teens jaywalk across a street in Seattle.  A cop sees them, and calls them over to his squad car. I don't know what he said to the two ladies,(probably was gonna give them a ticket, maybe) but one of them became upset, very upset, and proceeded to get in the cops face.  Well, let's let the video pick the scene up from there, shall we?

make note that when the cop hits the girl, everyone who hasn't been videotaping now is... why isn't anyone telling the girls to cooperate (the one friend is trying, but he's not being heard)

why isn't anyone trying to pull the girls off the cop (afterall, he's trying not to fight them, he's only trying to cuff the loud one)

and (behaviorist's observation here) the reaction of the handcuffed girl at the very end is so telling... she screams out... she didn't get away with it, and she's angry... not with the cop (it was never about the cop) but with herself... for getting caught and losing control of herself.

This sort of thing happens in schools across the country all the time.  A simple request by an authority figure is made, and the child goes nuts.  Why have we taught our children to defy authority no matter what?  I read some comments on this video that shocked me. 

even if they did cooperate, he would have hit one of them, I bet.

the police are always messing with people, they didn't do anything wrong.

her cousin should have hit him back.
When will we stop playing victim?

Now, understand me, I don't condone the cop hitting the girl, but she kinda put herself in front of his fist, while trying to help her cousin; and this, after the other friend has pulled her back out of the way a couple of times. 

I'm sorry, I can't support the behavior of mah people on this one.  It was just jaywalking.  Take the damned ticket and go home, geez.