The Day After...

I saved my Father's Day thoughts for the day after for a reason... I wanted to hear what people had to say about the day, and see how it was celebrated.

I took hubby out to brunch at the same restuarant we visited last month for Mother's Day.  On Mother's Day the joint was packed, children ran around and there were balloons and bags full of gifts for mothers and grandmothers everywhere. We arrived an hour into the brunch session and there were only 2 tables occupied.  The jazz singer was warming up and the grill man was staring out of the window with a bored look on his face.

We enjoyed ourselves, ate quietly and slowly, there was no rush.  About 15 minutes before we left, couples began to come in, a couple of families, a few groups of men together.  No small children, no balloons, no small bags of gifts.  Father's Day is just not the same as Mother's Day, is it?

Later in the day, I encountered a few single mothers out with their kids.  They were being feted by the children, celebrating Father's Day with not a man in sight.  I'd forgotten how single mothers have taken it upon themselves to co-op this holiday.  I don't like it.

Ok, listen carefully.  I don't give a hot damn if your man, baby daddy, sperm donor, one night stand is/was a moron, dog, bastard, mofo, asshole; the third Sunday in June is FATHER'S DAY... not "SINGLE MOTHER DOING FATHER'S JOB DAY".  I don't think you fully appreciate what message you send to your child by not allowing them to reflect, visit, talk to, acknowledge the man that is responsible for them being here.  So what if you're d doing all the work, we do all the work anyway, if you had a man, you'd know this.  Its disrepectful to the father, damaging to the child and makes you look like an ass to celebrate Father's Day as if YOU"RE the father of your child.  Stop it.

I am so blessed as to have had my father in my life.  I am equally blessed to have the father of my children an integral part of their lives.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Even though our children are now grown (sorta), they still make sure Daddy knows he's loved and appreciated.  Every father needs that, even if he thinks he doesn't.

I just needed to say that. I'm ok now.  You may now return to your regularly scheduled life.