Classism and Insanity and BET

And so, today, Monday, June 28, 2010, the only thing on the minds of black america is... the BET Awards.  

If you were busy doing something constructive last night and missed it (like I did), just pop into any chat room, check any message board, or even hit your remote and check the idiot box, and there it is... all the highs and lows, the complaints, the criticisms, the commentary, the jokes.  

I always ask people this question when the topic of some show on BET comes up...

folk still watch BET?  Why?

Seriously, why?  On any given day, you can turn on and either some half dressed woman is shaking her ass in the face of the camera and/or some money flashing man, or some vain attempt at social commentary is being put forth, or they're showing reruns of shows from the archives of "we sho is funny ain't we?"

Bafoonery went out with bell bottoms ladies and gentlemen.  If making this statement makes me elitist and uppity and I have "forgotten where I come from", fine; at this point, I don't think I care.  As I sat in the chat room and read the comments, it occurred to me that noone is mentioning who won what award.  Humanitarian awards, Community awards? Sports Awards"  Hello?  All anyone was talking about was "Alecia Keys' man taking, pregnant behind", "Chris Brown's wannabe comback", P Diddy being too old to be juking, and Prince looking better than all the women in the joint.

Scary ish people, scary ish.

I guess (again) Bill Cosby was right... some of us just aren't ready for prime time.... 
if the only thing that is important enough to talk about on a Monday morning, after a G8 meeting, and the continued oil spill in the Gulf and our children dying in the streets because of gun violence, or disease in our community or corruption in government is the fact the Chris Brown cried.... then we have reached rock bottom.  Our collective pain is so intense we need the drug of mindless entertainment ... without even seeing the small community value even put into that, then, just damn.

A former classmate of mine commented on this on Facebook last night; we're of like mind. Why DO people continue to support the superficial "cultural" format of BET?  It seems like every program there and even on other stations that involve blacks "being themselves" equates to clowns on crack for all those who give a damn.  And when the show fails, the immediate response is: RACISM.

Ummmm, no, not racism darling... SOME of us aren't interested in your insanity for profit game anymore.  We've risen above the notion that everything is a joke... and we're supposed to laugh ALL the time.  Some of us aren't in THAT much pain that we must soothe it with bamboozlement. 

Ok, I quit.  I'm tired.  Enough of the bashing of the "lower mentalities".  Going to read something with big words in it now.

Have a good one.