oh, did i mention...

I know, I've been M.I.A.  Its been one of those months... or 2.  Anywho...

My baby graduated from high school yall!!!!

now, for those who deem this just something going on in my life and so what, and all dat jazz... you need to know something.  THIS ONE is gonna be different.  Not that the other one (see post on her back in june 2007) wasn't special, but THIS ONE picked up a pencil one day about 2 years ago and started drawing.  He then picked up a pen and started writing.  The graphic novel is almost complete.  Art school starts in the fall, the screen play is floating around in his head (and the head of his co conspirator)

Don't you just love it when young black men have a plan and stick to it.  

Update of the new "hanna and barbara" team later.