Ok, its 8:30 pm and I'm sitting in a hotel room in Culpeper, Virginia listening alternately to my cousin read the local paper to me, and the Pittsburgh/Ravens game. I'm exhausted.

Travel tip: buy a map of the place you're going: Google Maps sucks.... we spent 1.5 hours wandering up and down a mountain on a secondary road we didn't need to be on...

Another travel tip: NEVER NEVER NEVER answer the cell phone when you KNOW its your "know it all" uncle on the other end....

Culpeper is a nice little place. We have lucked out; its relatively warm (ok, the people here think its cold), its 34 degrees (it was 15 when we left the house this morning) I've called a couple of friends, checked in with hubby and mapped out the gameplan for Monday.

This is gonna be fun!