Body Language 101

In a previous life, I had a job where I had to be able to "read" body language. It was imperative that I listen with both my ears and my eyes to what was being presented to me.... I loved that job... I swear I did...

I took a moment to watch a video clip of the 4 living presidents and president elect Obama as they met in the Oval Office. I immediately noticed something interesting. So, I scouted out some still photos to make sure I was seeing what I THOUGHT I was seeing... and there it was.

Body Language that, if you consider who was doing what, says alot about the man and who he is or was or might become, in this job.

Let's take a look at the "boys" shall we?


5 men, standing:

Daddy President : hands in pocket, left shoulder deferentially behind the soon to be president, laughing at comments being made, glad as hell he gets to go back to Maine or Texas or whereever the hell he's living now, when this is over. He is the most comfortable person in the picture.

Mr. President-Elect: hands folded in front of him, left shoulder also in a deferential position, (or is that beingg "pushed" back?) smiling and quite possibly still pinching himself over all of this. He's ready to take the job, knowing these men will be of help to him. He's patiently waiting for the current president to "go away". He makes a nice "bush" sammich there, don't he?

Mr. President: hands at sides, palms open, standing obviously, and intentionally one step ahead of the two men behind him... the one that he replaced and the one that will replace him, he alternately turns his back to them both; he's still in charge, if only for a couple of weeks. Respect him dammit.

Mr. Playboy President: hands behind his back, standing stiffly. Interesting alignment, standing closely to the current president. Or is that trying to get away from his neighbor on the left? Its generally known he and Carter don't like each other, but damn.. play nice will ya?

Mr. Senior Stateman President: hands at his side, notice the right hand almost in a fist position, and/or held stiffy in fron of him... he is allergic to Clinton. Standing apart from the group (again, doesn't like Clinton, who decided to put them next to each other anyway?) He, like Daddy Bush, relishes invitations to the big house, but looks forward to getting back to the farm.

now... make note, this is just MY observation... I can respect the 3 formers not saying a great deal, dubya and barry are having THEIR moment; but behaviors don't lie. If you check the video, Clinton, the attention seeker, keeps poking his head into the shot, Carter is trying to escape, Daddy wants to sit down and take a nap, and the once and future presidents are jocking for position...

man I love politics, even the unspoken stuff... don't you?


Anonymous said...

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C.S.Stone said...

ummm thanks... where did you find my blog?

SjP said...

Very hit that nail on the head with the head of the hammer!

Anonymous said...

Hi LA,
I miss you on BV. I do come here and read your blog from time to time. I must say I really enjoy it. I wish you all the luck with your store. May God bless you