I Determine....

So the other day, I made the decision NOT to make New Year's resolutions because I knew I'd last about 5 days before breaking them all. In doing this, I found myself making DETERMINATIONS instead...

For instance, I've determined to get my online jewelry store online by the first of February. I made this determination after having 2 conversations while at a Kwanzaa Festival in Chicago.

The first conversation was with a man from New York, who is a tailor. He brings his beautiful afrocentric inspired clothing to every single event in Chicago. This means, of course, that this man is doing well in his business. Aziz Fashions has been around for a while, with a shop in New York and the whole bit. The man has a website,(and I've misplaced his card, so can't give you the addy, sorry) but hasn't begun selling online. Which has always bothered me, cus when I need a new hat, dammit, I have to wait til a festival to get one... We always laugh about that...

So I told him he needed to get an online store. His eyes lit up when I said that. I gave him the name of one that was recommended to me and he asked if I wanted to be on his mailing list. (of course I did). I bought a hat and a shirt for hubby and I moved on.

The second conversation I had was with a woman from Racine, Wisconsin. She makes jewelry, same as me. Beautiful stuff! We talked, I picked out a few things and then I asked her if she had an online store. She proudly told me that her store would be launching the end of January.She has a myspace site available. Shea Brojae's LLC is a collaborative effort between her and a sister in law who is a loctician. Good for them! I bought three pairs of earrings, a choker and an african walking stick. We shared our favorite jewelry wholesaler websites and she admired my earrings and headband (both my designs) and I went on my way.

On the ride home, I thought about it. What am I waiting for? Isn't this supposed to be the year of "no more excuses"??

I am determined, ladies and gents... to do this one thing this year. There are other things I have promised myself I'd do. I determine to get those things done also. (yes, cheerleaders, I am working on the novel)

If others can live out their creative dreams, why can't I? Why can't we all? You do have a dream, don't you? Are you determined to make it happen?