Its 2:54 am, Sunday, Janaury 18th as I write this. I'm dress, packed and waiting for my cousin who lives 20 miles away and who said she'd be here at 2:30. She called at 2:22 to let me know she was just putting her stuff in the car.

Oh, did I mention we're on our way to Washington to be Obama groupies? Yeah, two crazy chicks from Chicago driving in the middle of the night on ice covered roads to a place we'd rather visit in the spring.We're going to see something we might not see again in our lifetime.

The Inauguration. Hot Damn!!!

I am taking the laptop and will drop my random thoughts here as we enjoy our little adventure.

I will say right up front, I'm nervous. Not because of the road conditions or the trip itself. Not even because of all that I'm sure we'll encounter along the way. I'm nervous because... hell, I don't know. Maybe its not nervousness, maybe its anxiousness. I've invested a great deal of time and energy in "pretending" we're just going to the inauguration, when in fact, yes, this is probably going to be the most historic event of the century.

I wish Daddy were here to see it.

I wish all my ancestors were here to see it. THIS is what they got up every morning and endured insult and injury and pain and suffering for...
THIS is it... the opportunity for someone who WANTS to be more, to simply BE more...
and as I've said before, there is no longer any excuse for the rest of us now, is there?

What is so special about Barack Obama that he came from nothing, and decided he would be something, and then proceeded to allow nothing or noone keep him from what he desired.

Ok, gotta go... cuzin is here!!! Off we go into the wild, frozen EAST!!!

more later...