2010 Census... Revisited

As promised, a little more about the 2010 U.S. Census. Our copy arrived Monday afternoon and in his excitement, my husband filled it out, put it in the return envelop and took it to the post office before I even saw it.  I'm not happy about this.

With that said, I want to reiterate the importance of completing the form.  I had a conversation with a couple of ladies today who hadn't decided whether or not they would complete the form.  I pointed out how completing the census is as important if not more important than voting, as the head count determines the congressional distrcts for the next 10 years.  If they change the district boundaries, you may possibly lose representation.  Or gain.

"but I don't want people knowing my personal business."

Its not like they aren't asking stuff that is already known.  If you complete your taxes, vote, have a bank account, own a home, etc. folk already know most of you're "personal" business.

Somewhere in the distant past, black folk were told they had privacy.  We were dumb enough to believe it.  Oh well.

I tell you what...don't fill out the census.  Don't complain about fewer services from your local court system, police department, fire department, or county services,. Don't say a word about bad roads and rundown schools, etc.  Don't comment about old books in your child's classroom, teachers laid off, excurricular activities  cut off.  Say nothing about sales taxes going up and quality of services going down. 

My census form is in the mail.  It took 10 minutes to complete.  It had 10 questions, none of which were invasive.  Get yours done ladies and gentlemen. 

Thank you.