On Being "Retarded"

Okay, its time for the political correctness police to dust off their robes and wander around aimlessly as people make excuses for saying what they say.

In case you've weren't aware, Chief of Staff Rahm Emmauel, behind closed doors (where most of us assume we're safe from the PC Police) called a group of liberals who wanted to run ads against conservatives "f*ckin retards".  Somehow, our favorite Republican Barbie Sarah Palin found out about his comments and noted that what he said was inappropriate. Remember, Sarah is the mother of a child with cognitive and physical disorders.   I, as a teacher, a parent and a citizen of the world, agree with her, that word is not on the cool list. (don't panic, I'm allowed to agree with her sometimes, ok?) 

In the meantime, our favorite Republican Mouthpiece, Rush Limbaugh used the term publically during his radio program basically denouncing Sarah's need/desire to make that word go away. When asked about what she thought of his use of the term publically, Sarah, kinda, sorta, reprimanded him.  Go figure.

Tim Shriver, CEO of the Special Olympics isn't happy about any of it.  He jumped on both Emmauel and Limbaugh about it. Emmauel apologized.  Limbaugh hasn't yet (and knowing him, probably won't; man, I hope I get to eat those words)  As part of the Special Olympics' "Spread the Word to End the Word" campaign, a website has been set up to pledge not to use the "R-Word" anymore.  Shriver has also sent our dear Mr. Limbaugh a very strongly worded email that in part makes it clear that members of our society with intellecual disabilities are human, same as he is (personal tongue bite), and that his position as a public figure and commentator has an enormous influence on others.  Basically, Tim told Rush to quit being a retard.(yay for Tim!)

I, as a teacher, mother, daughter of a special education teacher, and member of the world, have always tried to be sensitive to the hearts and emotions of my fellow humans.  I am female, of African descent, height challenged, sight impaired, intelligent and outspoken: all of the stuff that is foder for comment and ridicule.  I've been called a "dumb girl/woman", nigger, midget, blind, wannabewhite and bitter, arrogant bitch.  I can relate to not wanting to be called something negative. 

I join Sarah, fellow female, sight impaired, intelligent and outspoken, who also happens to be mother of an intellecually impaired child, in saying to Rush, just shut the hell up man.  This time, you are really out of order.  Apologies are in order, you know it, get to it.

Everyone, make the pledge, make the "R-Word" go away.


quinnn said...

nicely worded.