I swear, this particular day of the year bugs me. Part of the problem is the firecrackers this little brat across the alley insists upon exploding every day for at least a week before the holiday, early in the morning. I hope he has used up his alottment... I pray he has used up his alottment.

The other problem I have with his particular day of the year is the way most people aren't really clear on what is being celebrated. Some think its about who can best cook a large piece of pork. Others think its about standing around in uniforms and saluting flags. Some think its about sleeping all day. Others figure driving miles away from home to sit around with family and talking shit is the order of the day.

I have no idea why we celebrate this holiday anymore. White folk don't appreciate freedom, everyone else (folk without pink skin) have never really been free, so its just a day off to us, I suppose.

I spent the day wondering if I should repaint the pin stripping I did on my son's wall yesterday, doing some updating on my jewelry website (have you been there yet, no? git there dammit)... and listening to my husband have a really nice conversation with our daughter, who, with her brother, is spending the summer in Florida.

Then I went shopping. Yes, shopping. I don't care if there's a recession, I need shea butter and earrings. Ok, I didn't need earrings, but I like to support my sisters out there making handmade jewelry... so I bought some stuff at the annual caribbean festival ... it was raining... so, shopping was easy. I don't mind getting wet.

what was the question again?

Oh yeah, this particular day of the year no longer has meaning to me. I have always assumed I was free, I KNOW that my freedom is not dependent on anything any "american" did for me... although I am eternally grateful to all members of the armed forces for sacrifices made. Thank you all...

but... this particular day of the year...I don't know yall...tell me... should I care? Well, there are the fireworks... I like fireworks... (smile)