I participate in a couple of faith and religion forums online. My brand of spiritual awareness tends to unnerve a few professed Christians. I explain that I was raised in the Presbyterian Church and fully believe and accept that Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I work hard to live my life as Jesus has taught us to live... all so I can know God's love in spirit and truth... as Jesus explains it in the Gospels...

However, I'm not a trinitarian. I don't call myself a Christian. I don't get caught up in the Pauline doctrine that is the modern Christian religion. This bothers some people I interact with in the forums.

Just the other day, after repeating for the 17gabillionth time the statement I've made above, someone "pretends" she was lurking and wanders into a thread I'm participating in. She makes the comment (as interpreted by her) that I am a strong Christian (I said I was had in a strong Christian background, not the same thing, or is it?), and that I seem to be able to quote and interpret scripture pretty well (well thanks total stranger for thinking that about me) . Yet, because I occasionally will say that dreaded word "hell" or "damn", and every now and again will speak of my spiritual leader (instead of saying pastor or bishop, mmmmmm), she felt it necessary to ask me if I was a Christian.

I didn't answer her. She'd already decided I wasn't so why bother. I wasn't up for a veiled attempt at "conversion" from someone who freely admits she's a Christian neophyte....

She, naturally, became frustrated at my desire not to capitulate to her questioning (they always do), told me that having a conversation with me was like pulling teeth and she wasn't a dentist (haha, funny.) and then wandered off into the sunset.

I have a question. Why do some people insist upon sizing a person up before engaging them in conversation? If you are as spiritually sound as you enjoy projecting to the world, why not just jump on into the pool and swim out out to me? Why stand on the edge and ask about the temperature of the water?
People who aren't comfortable in their skin, literal or spiritual, tend to attempt to control their environments. Its a defense mechanism bordering on full fledged manipulation of their environment. "I will let in only those who think as I do and that I don't have to play the dummy with when we have a conversation." If ANYONE says anything that I'm not sure of, I'll check them out first, "tell them about themselves" (cus naturally, I've read 2 or 3 of your posts and I know so much about you) and then, politely get you to be what makes me comfortable. If you don't do what I say, I'll insult you, damn you to hell, and then go and gossip about you with others.

Gotta love church folk, huh?

Well, just for the record, in case anyone wants to know... again, I"m not a trinitarian. If you want to know why, send me a note, I'll explain it to you. Also, I don't belong to an organized assembly, nor do I show up anywhere on Sundays. Again, only the genuinely spiritually curious need email me.

The rest of you "biblebeating, my pastor didn't give me permission to think this week, amen sistagurl, she IS going to hell, isn't she" fine, upstanding "Christians"... have a nice week.