Random Thought 12/17/08

First... thank you to all the total strangers in the cyberuniverse who donated to my classroom project on! My yearbook camera project was fully funded and I should be receiving my equipment sometime after the first of the year. My yearbook staff appreciates it!

Second... you may have noticed, I left the widge for Donors Choose up. I have colleages in my building, community and all over the country who have projects out there that need funding. Look through the site and if something catches your fancy... drop them a dime or two to help them out. Support our public schools and our children. They ALL need our help to be successful.

Third... I'M GOING TO WASHINGTON!!! My cousin insists upon going to the inaugral, so after phone calls, private chats, prayer and penny pinching, we found a place to lay our heads and will at least get to hang out on the Washington Mall January 20th! I'm so psyched!!! stay tuned...

A little bit more... I have spent the last month working on the "movie" from my husband and my trip to the caribbean... I'll be posting that (hopefull) in a separate post so that sometime in January or February, when cabin fever sets in, we can all sigh at the thought of it being warm... SOMEWHERE on this planet...

Lastly... I don't celebrate Christmas... but, on the off chance I get caught up in some stuff and don't get back to this place to say something mindless... Happy Holidays Humans... and the rest of you!!!