ok... if you look above and to the right, I have added a widget that is, quite honestly, a shameless request for money.

I am a science teacher 4 hours of the day. I love it. But, the very last hour of the day, I treasure... I'm the yearbook sponsor. I work in a school that's been open now for only 4 years. We've never published a yearbook. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!

Well, when I took on this endeavor with the Art Teacher and the 7 students who make up the staff, we began taking pictures with personal cameras. Which is cool... except when I forget to bring my camera to school!

So, I am requesting those in the universe who say they are all for being a benefit to public education. I need 4 digital cameras yall! Dang...

I found some nice ones, nice little Canons. The total price for them is about $640. I've had more than $300 donated so far. I only need $295 more to have the cameras purchased for us by Donorschoose.

If you feel this is a worthwhile charity, PLEASE donate to it. If you click on the title, you will be sent to a page that tells you all about me, my class, what we need, why we need it and how you can help us get it.

This request has been posted for a while...and there are only 9 more days in my posting time.

Please, I beg of you!!! Help my kids get their cameras so we can publish the greatest yearbook ever!!!

I thank you in advance for your donation!!