My 19 year old daughter came to me Sunday morning as she prepared to attend church with a friend.

"Are the girls too visible? Should I wear a cammy?"
"Yes, cover the girls up. Thank you."

She came back 5 minutes later with both a cammy and a sweater on.

"Ok, I'm going to church...later moms!"

I have always tried to set an example of the importance of "having a bit of mystery" about oneself. I'm glad it has rubbed off on her. Its amazing how its "ok" for girls to dress or not dress as the case may be and become immature examples of sexuality. It sends the wrong results in behaviors and encounters that the girls end up regretting....

I found an article on just this subject today. "Girls Gone Mild"... is an attempt to get media, retail and our culture in general to back off the need to make everything female a grand sexual experience. Apparently, its working. This pleases me.

This group tells girls its ok to be a virgin, to put some clothes on that aren't cutting off their circulation and to use their brains. This is a fantastic thing indeed. Our girls need this... our girls want to be "good"...

for more info on the group and their work, click here..