Random Thoughts 12/6/2009

where did the year go?
why don't I give a damn about Christmas anymore?
why do I feel the need to be nice to total strangers?
where is my remote?
what will I get my Masters Degree in?
why does the FOP keep calling when I specifically requested to be taken off their phone list?
will the Colts go to the Superbowl?
will my son become a successful animator and writer?
will his sister help raise the standard in kindergarten classes one day?
will i convince the ole man that retiring to a nice warm island really is a good idea?

I wonder how watered down the health care bill will be when it comes out of the senate?
why on earth did tiger woods marry a clubber?
will he stay married to the clubber?
why do women make poor choices concerning men and then get mad at the men for being just the idiots they are?
why do men who claim they want to be men insist upon hooking up with women who don't have any idea how to be more than girls?
what will I get my husband for his birthday?

what color should I paint this bedroom?
where can I find some vintag chains locally?
wonder if macy's does the christmas windows downtown like marshall field's used to? (not going to see, thank you very much)
where is OUR snow?
glad we don't have snow, but ready for it just the same.
talking crazy about snow, what on earth am I thinking?

I hope I can find some really good deals on cable knit sweaters after Christmas.
I hope peace, even if only temporary, comes to the middle east... soon
I pray for all who suffer with illness and pain.
I pray for education reform.
I wish I had better organizational skills.
I wish I wasn't addicted to facebook.

I'm happy.
I'm loving my job.
I'm so totally in love.
I'm mindnumbing proud of my children (back pat)
I love my cat and want another one...will devise a plan to make this happen.

I will no longer react to negativity, jealousy or ignorance
I will smile in the face of stupidity and tell it to drop dead please.
I will finish the novel. I will
I will make jewelry until my fingers bleed. (not a major leap)
I will take more trips.

I will appreciate my genuine friendships.
I will nuture new friendships.
I will (unfornuately) dismiss all (including family) who show no self love and therefore try to manipulate my love
I will continue to look to God
I will always recognize who I am.
I will never forget who I once was.
I will grow and become who God wants me to be.

I will write more.
I will listen more
I will talk less.
I will think harder.
I will create.
I will inspire.
I will encourage.
I will heal.
I will nuture.
I will love.
I will allow others to love me.
I will make people say.."Damn girl!"

sigh... yeah.