My husband and I had breakfast at 6am this morning at a Cracker Barrel about 90 miles south of Louisville, Kentucky. This is important to know as the place wasn't open when we first pulled up, we were 2 of only 7 customers in the joint and it was quiet.... anomalies in the Cracker Barrel universe. That's for people who insist Cracker Barrel never closes and always has at least 5 buses parked in the lot.

Anywho, our server, a lovely young lady who informed us that her name was Melinda, bounced over to our table, asked if we wanted anything to drink and told us what the specials were. We gave her all the necessary information and smiled at the thought of it all.

Ok, I'll give you a few minutes to look at the menu and I'll be back with your drinks in a moment. Absolutely!

I looked up from my attempt at the peg game (I WILL get one peg, I WILL! I WILL!) and smiled at her enthusiasm. She returned a few moments later with hot tea and ice water and took our orders. She ended her review of our discussion thusly:

Ok, let me get this in for you. Do you need anything in the meantime?

No, thank you.


Now, if you know ME... you know I am a student of human behavior, and I had a live one here. Hubby glanced and me and kicked me just as I opened my mouth. Oh, I'll leave it alone. As she walked away, I whispered:

But, she's ... interesting. So... robotic. Please daddy, let me play with her!

No. Behave.


We sat talking about how much fun we were about to have practicing our empty nest skills fot the next 6 weeks (the chilluns are in Florida working like hebrew slaves sans straw, as it should be) when Melinda returned with our meals.

May I have some hot sauce please? (I regretted asking as soon as I said it)


(huge grin from me)

She came back with the hot sauce, all smiley faced and happy to serve us when she glanced out the window and jumped. A bus was pulling into the lot. She acted like it was Christmas and Jesus was waving at her.

A bus in the lot! A bus in the lot everyone!

She ran off to the back to tell whoever was back there her happy news.

She got busy after that, as the bus was full of people and all. At every single table she worked, she happily ended every discussion with ABSOLUTELY!

I wasn't the only one that noticed. I know just enough spanish to laugh at the comment the nice grandmother made 2 tables over and recognized the body language at the table next to me (eye roll gave it away).

She eventually returned to us, check in hand.

Can I get you nice people anything else?

No, we're good, thanks.


I smiled, hubby gave me that "don't do it" look and we left the dining room.

At the register as my husband pulled out money to pay for the check, the cashier asked if we enjoyed our meal....

We responded in unison: