The Reason Why...

Today is Wednesday, May 13, 2009. There are 6 days left in the school year in my district....(thank you God)...

We just finished up some placement testing for the high school students and I was sitting in my classroom staring off into space wondering what sort of trouble I could get into this summer when 2 students wandered into the classroom and asked to speak to me.

I said sure and focused as the two of them fidgeted and fumbled with each other.

"Mrs. S. we have something we need to tell you."
(holding breath) "ok"

"We wanted to thank you for being our science teacher. We've learned so much about biology this year and we had so much fun learning it all. We didn't like science before and now we love it. Thank you, we love you."

(still holding breath)

"Oh, yeah, I've decided to major in biology when I go to college." one of them chimed in.

(trying not to cry)

"Why do you keep saying wow?"
"Cus, teachers never have students tell them these sorts of things. We never know at the end of the year if what we've worked so hard on pounding into your heads has stuck or if you even care. Thank you both for your compliment and your love. I appreciate it."

They both smiled at me and hugged me... then wandered off to lunch.
I sat there a moment longer. A coworker came in and asked what I was doing for lunch.
"What's wrong?"
"Oh, nothing. I had just asked God to tell me if I should teach next year or pursue something different. He just sent me the answer. That's all."

This is why I get up every morning...
This is why I spend late nights researching topics...
This is why I pray...
This is why I love teaching....