New Venture....

ok, so I've finally done it. I've worked diligently nights and weekends, straining my eyes and working my fingers... and the new online jewelry store is ready for launch!!!

beginning Monday, April 20th, my creations will be available for purchase fron "Naturally.Elemental Jewelry". I"m starting simply enough, just some earrings. But as time passes (and I find more time), more complex pieces, like necklaces, bracelets, anklets and headbands will begin to appear on the site.

Please check it out, sign the guestbook and link to Youtube to see the first commercial (see, I made a commercial!) for the venture.

Yes, I"m scared to death about this... but, it was time, this was the moment, and I refuse to say "no" to myself anymore...

let's do the damned thing, shall we?

see you in cyberspace!